A new US strategy for countering Iran’s missile defense

The United States will adopt a new missile defense strategy to address the threats posed by the Iranian regime.

The new strategy for the Donald Trump government is scheduled for Thursday, January 17, 2019, and for the first time since 2010, the US missile defense is being reviewed, according to the Associated Press.

The new strategy focuses on space, and the Department of Defense is responsible for the development of defense technology in space; so that new systems should be able to quickly detect, track, and eventually destroy missiles launched to the United States.

On Tuesday, January 15th, the Iranian regime launched a satellite that was not in orbit.

The regime’s authorities said their attempt to send the “Payam or Message” satellite to space and land in the orbit of the earth failed. Mohammad Jawad Azari Jahromi, Minister of Communications and Information Technology of Rouhani (President of the regime), announced that the satellite did not reach “fast enough” in the third stage and did not succeed in staying in the orbit of Earth. He added that Iran is working on another satellite called “Friendship” to send to space.

In response to the news, Mike Pompeo said in a message that:

“In defiance of the international community & UNSCR 2231, Iran’s regime fired off a space launch vehicle today. The launch yet again shows that Iran is pursuing enhanced missile capabilities that threaten Europe and the Middle East”.

Earlier, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had said the launch of the missiles meant “the acquisition of continental rocket technology” and a violation of United Nations Security Council resolution 2231.

The State Department wrote in a statement after announcing the Iranian regime’s launch of three missiles, a “Counter-Iran’s response to Security Council resolution 2231” on the prohibition of nuclear missile-carrying missiles, because “the launch of rocket launchers Space is in this area because it is equivalent to the atomic rocket technology in the family of ballistic missiles in the continent. A continental rocket with a range of 10,000 kilometers has the ability to reach the United States.”

Last week, the CNN news network reported that it had obtained images showing that the Iranian regime is about to send the satellite to space.

Previously, France had called on the Iranian regime to stop all activities related to its ballistic missile program, especially missiles capable of carrying nuclear warheads. “France recalls that the Iranian missile program (does) not conform with U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231,” Foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll told reporters in a daily briefing.

Foreign ministry spokeswoman Agnes von der Muhll

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, National Security Advisor John Bolton, reiterated in a message on his Twitter page to Iran’s nuclear program that: “Iran’s secret nuclear archive “provides substantial evidence that Iran’s declarations to IAEA are incomplete & deliberately false”

By sharing a report on Iran’s nuclear activities, Bolton wrote that.” The President was right to end horrible Iran deal. Pressure on Iran to abandon nuclear ambitions will increase.”


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