A new phase of Iran’s isolation in relations with Europe

By Reza Hoseani

Following the announcement of an international conference in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, to counter the terrorism of the Iranian regime, Political developments have accelerated against the regime and there is another wave against the mullahs regime on the foreign policy scene, especially in Europe.

The result is an exacerbation of political and economic pressures against the Iran regime.

Germany has boycotted the regime’s airline; the Austrian Foreign Minister has emphasized that we are serious about the actions of the information services of the Iranian regime.

The German Foreign Minister referring to the bombing plan by the Iranian regime, at a gathering of the PMOI in Paris and the plot to assassinate in Denmark, he said: We sanctioned and anything that goes back to our national security will be re-sanctioned!

After Germany banned the Iranian airline Mahan Air, US National Security Advisor, Treasury Secretary and Foreign Minister, and his ambassador to Germany undertook a strong support from Germany’s decision.

On the other hand, news agencies say Israel has also attacked the regime’s positions in Syria, and for the first time not only took responsibility for the attacks, but also spoke of the “beginning of the war” in Syria.

Now we are faced with a process of isolation from the clerical regime, which suggests a greater failure than ever with the appeasement of the dictatorship of the ruling Iran, especially among European countries.

On the other hand, one can see this fact at the Warsaw conference.

The importance of this conference is enough to know that the Iranian regime is reacting horrendously.

On Monday, January 21, 2019, Iraqchi the Iranian deputy secretary of state at the meeting with the Deputy Foreign Minister of Poland described the Warsaw conference as “coalition” against Iran.

Tuesday January 22, Ali Larijani, Speaker of the Parliament of the Iranian regime, describes the Warsaw conference as “playing on the enemy’s ground”.

And the necessity of “protecting the mullahs’ regime” speaks!

That is, the conference is a threat to the survival of the regime!

Once Europe and the West condemned the Iranian regime, it was just a stance.

But now the same West is taking action. Like the new EU sanctions against the regime.

All this is the closing down of the modes of breathing of the regime.

The  National security Advisor President of United States said:

“We are putting pressure on the regime in Iran to hear the sound of its bones crushing.

Of course, the basic issue in the regime’s relations with Europe is the nuclear deal that even the German Foreign Minister, after announcing the boycott of Mahan Air, reaffirmed Europe’s desire to maintain a nuclear deal!

It is very clear that Europe does not want a nuclear deal with Iran to be eliminated. Due to commercial and economic benefits

As the German Foreign Minister has said.

But what is the reality?

“Europe shares with us only $ 18 billion, while US $ 1 trillion and 100 billion!” Said former Iranian Ambassador to Italy Abolfazl Zohrawand, director of Iran’s television in Iran. It is clear that Europe does not sacrifice its business interests with America!

“When the European countries participate in the Warsaw Summit,” he said in connection with the Warsaw summit.

The last nail is knocked on the nuclear deal coffin!

On the other hand, in the eight months since the departure of the United States, there has been a dramatic change in the direction of the situation.

From the first day, Europe promised the regime to stop US sanctions. In the same vein, they put forward a European mechanism, but so far they have not only failed to stop a US embargo, but they themselves have imposed separate sanctions against the regime and their mechanism has not yet been set up.

All of these developments indicate a new phase in securing the Iranian regime’s isolation in relations with Europe in the current equilibrium balance that will accelerate the uprising of the Iranian people and will make it a further step towards overthrowing the integrity of the clerical regime.

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