China will recognize the Afghan Taliban as a Political force.

Islamabad/Arab News Today.

Arshad Mehmood


China will recognize the Afghan Taliban as a Political force, as they are involved in the Afghan peace process, Chinese Ambassador Yao Jing.

He was addressing a conference in the Northwest city of Peshawar, the provincial capital Khyber Pakhtoon Khwah, which neighbors Afghanistan.

This conference was held in the University of Peshawar and was arranged by Area Study Center.

During his address, Amb Jing also praised Pakistan’s role in facilitating the Afghan peace process, including its efforts to facilitate talks between the Taliban and the U.S,  and helping to end the long conflict in Afghanistan.

During the address, Amb Jing revealed that his country has contacts with both the Taliban and the Afghan government.

China had deputed a special envoy who remained in contacts with Taliban political office in Doha, Amb further told.

China supports all efforts taken for peace in Afghanistan because the Afghan people deserve peace and stability, Yao emphasized.

Beijing fully support Pakistani  initiatives for facilitating peace efforts

In a war-torn Afghanistan.

Amb Yao also said that all foreign stakeholders including Afghanistan neighboring countries must play their effective role to bring peace in the war-devastated country.

Amb Yao also expressed that Afghan people deserve peace and stability as they are suffering since last 40 years.

It is aforementioned that the  U.S. special envoy Zalmay  Khalilzad visited Beijing and met with Chinese officials as a part of his four-nation tour.





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