Why The Iran Regime Is Afraid Of The Events In Venezuela

 By Reza Hoseani

News of the Venezuelan uprising is at the top of the news stories around the world.

But the stories coming out of Venezuela are skewed in Iran by State sponsored media by the  Iranian regime.

This difference is not simply because the current shaken Venezuelan government is united and this regime has invested heavily. They are also worried about the loss of its own investment, but there is another reason for fear of Venezuelan events.

The Iranian regime’s concern over Venezuela’s developments in its media is so serious that the regime’s mullahs’ regime has expressed the worst fears of these developments and condemns the uprisings and riots of the people of this country against this united dictator of the Iranian regime as a “coup”:

“The US Secretary of State has already said that his country will use all means to topple the Venezuelan government.

Pompeo continues Washington’s apparent interference in Venezuela

Promised the people of Venezuela with a call for revolt in this country

If the government wants America Come to Caracas, Venezuela’s blocked assets will be released in the United States and other countries. “(TV regime January 26, 2019)

Despite the fact that the Iranian media have supported the government of Venezuela in their propaganda, but the focal point is their horror, not to go and stay the country’s president and not the victory and defeat of the head of the National Assembly of Venezuela, but what frightened them is the emergence of a new way the overthrow of the dictatorial regime of the mullahs in Iran.

On January 26, 2019, the “Jomhory” government newspaper, referring to the international community’s support for the opposition, expressed the government’s horror as follows: “Imagine for a moment this way of political behavior of these countries, which in other countries, with the same pattern of behavior, the opposition they want to take political power.”

“Iran” newspaper, belonging to the government of Hassan Rouhani, also expresses fears about how to support the opposition in Venezuela: “It was a very dangerous upheaval that, if the international community does not respond appropriately, this dangerous innovation can spread to other countries and bring serious harm to the spirit of democracy”!

Worrying about the Venezuelan regime within the Mullahs regime is not just to overthrow the government of this country.

The main problem is that the overthrow of the Venezuelan government may trigger a process of change in other countries dominated by dictatorship.

And this may also affect the fate of the clerical regime.

The fear is that some government officials have long warned of the economic crises of the regime:

“With a brief overview of the recent events, it seems that Iran is also repeating the bitter experience of Venezuela.”

Iranian regime media regret the fate of Venezuela’s transformation to the detriment of sovereignty in that country.

And they know an innovation, global support for the people and opposition of that country, but they do not mention the dictatorship in the country as a result of these developments.

If they acknowledge the realities in Venezuela, they must acknowledge the reality of dictatorship in the mullahs’ government, which is far more brutal than any other dictatorship.

The sovereignty that has exerted the most brutal repression in the people’s right and resistance over the past 40 years.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners


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