The Extreme Horror Of The Iran Regime From The Polish Conference And Its Reflections

By Reza Hoseani

Every day, the news of the Polish conference is reflected in the international media, but the conference has also been reflected in the media and various gangs of the clerical regime.

In fact, the formation of a global consensus on the regime in Warsaw, the capital of Poland and the international confrontation with the policy of exporting terrorism and waging it in the region, is a nightmare that has snatched dreams from the eyes of the agents and leaders of the Mullahs regime.

Particularly after the announcement of the participation of any country at the conference, the horror is more apparent.

For example, the announcement by the British Foreign Secretary at the Warsaw Conference has reflected on the regime’s massive press.   Among the “Tabnak” government site, owned by Mohsen Rezaie, secretary of the Assembly’s meeting of the regime’s, reports with dismay from the” Guardian” newspaper: “The British Foreign Secretary has accepted the Warsaw Summit, provided that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo holds another meeting on the issue with Yemen.”

“Fars” State News Agency also wrote: A foreign media report said that the country’s foreign minister will attend an anti-Iran conference to be held in Poland and will speak at the Warsaw Summit on Terrorism in the Iranian regime.

Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid ben Ahmad announced that he will speak at a conference of foreign ministers of various countries in Warsaw on multilateral terrorism in Iran. “The next month, the nations of the world will meet in Warsaw to discuss the challenges that Middle East security and stability will face,” he said in a message, “and I will talk about the multi-faceted terrorism of the Iranian regime that we face every day”

The Friday prayers in various cities, which the mullahs use as a propaganda platform, was also a horror scene from the Warsaw conference.

Mullah Al Hashem, a representative of Khamenei in Tabriz, said in connection with the Warsaw summit:

“The goal of imperialism is to eliminate the axis of resistance in the region. One American diplomat said that the meeting will talk about the necessity of action against the missile program … and the unacceptable provocative actions by Iran and Syria and the firing of missiles towards Israel.”

Mullah Talebi, the representative of Khamenei in “Eglid Fars” said: “The enemies have always tried to demonstrate with the help of their media in the world that Iran is seeking to produce weapons of mass destruction, a ballistic missile with nuclear warhead capabilities, support for terrorism, insecurity in the region, interference in the affairs of other countries of the region, Israeli threats, ignoring women’s rights, Eliminating political freedoms and …

The parliament of the Mullahs regime has also been struggling to declare that the Parliamentary Security and Foreign Policy Commission, with the presence of officials from foreign and intelligence ministries, is examining the United States’ goals of holding a Middle East Peace and Security Summit in Poland focusing on Iran.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, a member of the parliamentary security committee, has also expressed his fears of holding the conference. “The goal of the United States to hold an anti-Iran summit in Poland is to promote the atmosphere of Iran’s fear and increase pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran,” he said.

But the reason for all the turmoil in the body and body of the regime is that in the balance of power after the conference, it is fearful that this global wave will burn the uprising of the Iranian people and the regime can not escape its consequences inside Iran.


Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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