Houthi Rebels Smuggling Plot Foiled!

A senior Yemeni official revealed, the Yemeni Ministry of Interior managed during the last few days to thwart the smuggling of large quantities of missiles and drones loaded on trucks. The shipment was on its way to Sanaa. Major General Mohammad Bin Aboud al-Sharif, the first undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior, in a phone call with the “Middle East”, the overthrow of such quantities of weapons came as a result of an information operation.

The Ministry of the Interior explained that these weapons, including missiles, explosives and drones came in through the east coast controlled by the Yemeni government. Major General al-Sharif says this load was seized on the outskirts of the provinces of Marib and Jawf. There destination was the capital, Sanaa.  Further explaining that these quantities of weapons, explosives, and drones were carried in medium size cargo vehicles(what is known as the “الشاص cars”) to appear as personal goods.

Because of the mountainous terrain, this forced vehicles to move in those locations. He added, that these weapons intended for the Houthi militias on the east coast was going to be dispersed for surveillance operations. The surveillance operations are for the purpose of control on all ports controlled by the government. In these areas, the Houthi militias are behind most the smuggling.

The first undersecretary of the Ministry of the Interior said that during the pursuit of these cargoes, they captured a number of those involved and immediately handed them over to the public prosecutor’s office.  Meanwhile, the smugglers have been interrogated and brought to justice. They have been brought before the judiciary for trial and the issuance of a judgment according to the state regulations in such cases.

Dr. Fahd Al-Shlaimi, a political analyst of the Middle East said “Iranian technology is behind these methods.  These drones supplied to Houthi militias aren’t hard to develop to be longer in range and carry explosives nearly half a kilometer”. He also added, “for these small drones, sneaking explosives is simple. The training does not need to high-tech. I believe that Iranian trainers have trained some cadres”.


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