Oil Shortages and Smuggling in Yemen

The Yemen Oil and Gas Corporation (YOGC) is withdrawing the licenses of a number of agents, as part of its campaign against the violating stations. In view of the failure of some of the company’s agents to withdraw their monthly allocations of petroleum products to supply the geographical regions in which they are located and in order not to create a crisis In the areas.

AQAP, Al-Qaeda’s strongest franchise, captured much of the southern territory after Yemen’s 2011 revolution. Since then, Yemen’s oil industry has been influenced and infiltrated by criminal elements.  Oil production and distribution are consistently used as a form of control. The oil company finally decided “enough was enough” and suspended the licenses granted to some of the agents.

The list of company agents and copies of their canceled licenses can be found below.

1 – Saleh Abdullah Saleh Ghalis
Governorate: Al-Bayda, Directorate: Radaa

2 – Abdul Rahman Mohammed Al-Akram
Governorate: Al-Mahweet, Directorate: Al-Mahweet

3 – Abdo Ali Mohammed Staban
Governorate: حجة, مديريه: افلح الشام

4 – Abdalbari Youssef Al-Haj Al-Walid
Governorate: Hodeidah, Directorate: Zabid

5 – Musaad Saleh and Nu’man Al-Qahiza
Governorate: Ab, Directorate: Al-Ridma

The Yemeni Oil Company warns all its owners and owners of the stations not to purchase smuggled and/or suspicious petroleum materials.  The company will take the necessary legal measures against anyone who violates the regulations of the company by withdrawing of their licenses.

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