20 civilians killed during US bombing in Afghanistan

WARDAK, 23 – The U.S conducted raids and bombed out the residential areas in three villages of Wardak province, leveling a number of the houses, 1 Mosque and 1 Madrasa (an institute of the Islamic education).

A villager, known as Jagran and 9 members of his family, all children and women were killed when his house among other houses was razed to the ground in the U.S raid followed by bombardment. A boy of the mentioned family who was not present at home during the bombing survived of the 11.

In a similar episode, Mullah Mohammad Khan and his son were callously martyred in the bombardment, while an old man was killed and his house was destroyed in the airstrikes elsewhere in the said district.

Likewise, 5 villagers were killed when the U.S. warplanes bombed out the Masjid of the village.

A Madrasa (a seminary or institute of the Islamic education) was flattened and a watchman inside the building was killed in the U.S airstrikes.

Scores of innocent civilians mostly women and children are feared to be among the victims of raid and bombardments either dead or still trapped in the wreckage buried beneath the layers of snow.

Separately, the combined U.S. broke into the homes of civilians after blowing up the gates with bombs and abducted 6 civilians from their homes in Shalgar district of Ghazni province last night.

Moreover, 6 homes belonging to the villagers were also destroyed by U.S. Below are images from the bombardment in the Wardak province.


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