Transcripts from the interview with Mullah Beradar Akhund

Mullah Beradar Akhund, also known as Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, is a co-founder of the Taliban movement in Afghanistan. He was the deputy of Mullah Mohammed Omar. Baradar was captured in Pakistan by a team of Inter-Services Intelligence(ISI) and Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) officers in February 2010 and was released on 24 October 2018 at the request of the United States.

On March 16th, Mullah Beradar Akhund did an interview with the Al-Emarah Studio.  Below are transcripts in English.

Presenter: Dear listeners, the deputy head of Islamic Emirate and the head of the Qatar political office has given interview to the Emirates Radio about the recent extensive talks in Doha that I would your attention listen to:

Presenter: Respected Mullah Beradar Akhund and political deputy head of the Islamic Emirate you are aware and you are present that since 17 days in Doha the capital of Qatar there were ongoing negotiations with the opposition which ended on 12th March. If you could give information about these negotiations to the listeners.

MullahBeradarAkhund: In the name of Allah, the negotiations were good and there was progress made to a greater extent and there is way paved for an ever greater progress for us in the future. May Allah bring security and an Islamic system to Afghanistan? With grace of Allah our friends have not given up on their stance as it was in our hearts and minds. May Allah give us the strength in future too to speak to every enemy in way that we have the control of our position and our law in our hand and we are committed our Sharia bases system at all times.

Presenter: What are your expectation from these negotiations?

MullahBeradarAkhund: We have a lot of expectation and even now the negotiations happened in a way that prepared the ground for a future solution. We expect the Islamic system gets instead and we gain our independence, foreign troops leave and our countrymen live like brothers.

Presenter: Respected Mullah Beradar Akhund, now that the Islamic Emirates in a stronger position (have the upper hand) what is your message to those who are outside the Emirates?

MullahBeradarAkhund: If anyone has a good understanding with us and they don’t do rivalry with us we will consider them like our own brothers. If they also consider us brothers I am hopeful to Allah that all the problems will be resolved. We expect all the countrymen to be assured and not worry. InshaAllah all the leadership of the Islamic Emirates will have mercy and patience towards all of them. There is no such thought of discrimination and nor any other such ideas or thoughts. This is our own Islamic country and we must in our own Islamic country all Afghans wherever they are must sit together and have respect for each other and have mercy on each other.

Presenter: Respected Haji Mullah how confident are you about your newly appointed negotiating team? And how much trust do you have?

MullahBeradarAkhund: First I am grateful to Amir-ul-Momineen the supreme leader for giving good instructions to me and the leadership committee in selecting this team. With grace of Allah this team members are all Ulemas (Islamic Scholars) and are all experienced too. They have good talents and been tested. We and all the people including the leadership council have trust in this team. This is a very good team and may be with the help of this team Allah will find such a solution that will be in the interest of Muslims and Islam.


Presenter: some people have concerns that it Islamic Emirate reaches to power some political personalities will leave the country or become opposition. What assurance can you give to those leaders or the public?

MullahBeradarAkhund: I believe this will not happen because both we and they have gained experiences and we much better understand the respect of our elders, leaders and Jihadi leaders than anyone else does. All those leaders should be rest assured they should stay in their own country and there will be respect from us towards them. We will be respecting them the way we are respecting our leaders within the Islamic Emirates. No body must think that way have respected for all those leaders be it inside or outside the country.

Presenter: What’s your message to the regional and international countries?

MullahBeradarAkhund: I assure the neighboring, regional and international countries that the future system will not be against anyone. We are neither under the influence of anyone that other people should concerned about us and nor have the intension of harming anyone but we are in favor of good relations.

Presenter: What kind of relations do you want with internationals in future?

MullahBeradarAkhund: If anyone has good relations with us we will be doubling our good relations with them and get close to them and take a double step. We hope that the neighbors have good relations with us it is required based on law between two countries and no countries should have concerns about this from our side. Because we haven’t committed such an action that has harmed any country and there is no such concerns required to for any country to have.

Presenter: Respected Mullah Beradar in this negotiations that you have been involved with the oppositions, have there been agreements on such provisions of articles that you have given up on your previous principals or the policies of your former leaders?

MullahBeradarAkhund: In the past days that I have been involved in there hasn’t a word as such that is contradiction with our principals of law because we have said during these negotiations that we are never using our soil against anyone and not allowing anyone else to use our soil against other countries. Previously also we had this position and now also we have the same position and will have it in the future too.

Presenter: Respected Haji Mullah at the end if you have any message to your Mujahideen please do so?

MullahBeradarAkhund: Our message to Mujahideen is that Allah gave them victory in both politically and militarily. They should not become arrogant, stay modest and thank Allah. And instead of power win the minds of the people for serving Islam and the public. Respect and look up on elders as fathers, youth as their brothers and minors like their children. This is our advice and request from them that they should not become arrogant and treat people in such a way that a father treats his son and have mercy on them.

Presenter: Respected Haji Mullah thank you very much for your time.

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