Is Twitter really censoring the Unplanned Movie official account?

All of us know Jack Dorsey has been censoring conservatives since before the 2016 election.  The new censoring of the official account for the Unplanned Movie has hit an all time low for the Twitter CEO.  First Twitter suspended the account and after public outcry, the account got reinstated.  Now the account is plagued with being unable to gain new followers on opening weekend.  So is this real?

First thing we did to see if the claims were true was to check for Shadowbanning.  An account can be checked for Shadowbanning at The Twitter account came back with not even a QFD ban.  A QFD causes your tweets to be invisible within the latest section of the search, including hashtags, when the quality filter is turned on. Note that this quality filter is located on the search page, is turned on by default and will be reset for each search anew.

From there, we tested with a Windows 10 machine, Linux Kali machine, an Android and an IPhone, each time getting the same results.  Unlike lying and “saving face” like before, Dorsey won’t be able to blame this on a glitch with an algorithm. Below is the results of our test using a Windows 10 Desktop. You be the judge.

We weren’t the only ones who noticed what was going on with the Unplanned account.  Below are some tweets we archived, who saw the same thing.

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