Is The Creation Of Restrictions On Writers And Human Rights Activists In Social Media Not Equal To Double Censorship?

By Reza Hoseani

Twitter while simultaneously closing the fake accounts of the Ministry of Intelligence and Cybercrime of the Iranian regime, have also closed some accounts of the opposition of religious dictatorship of Iran.

Among these, Twitter accounts was Reza Hoseani’s account @RezaHoseaninia, a writer and human rights activist in Iran under the rule of the mullahs who was suspended.



Nearly 50 users from different countries supported him in supporting his opening account in a joint effort:



But despite that, Twitter continues to disregard.

In fact, accounts of the opposition of the fascist regime in Iran are not immune from this regime’s cyber-mass attacks and reports.

On the other hand, Twitter in one action removed one of the Ali Khamenei’s tweets, the Supreme Leader of the Mullahs regime, in which the writer’s death fatwas were emphasized.

Iran regime’s foreign minister, Jawad Zarif, had been keen on Twitter for blocking the accounts of the opposition.

The questions that now come to mind:

Is the creation of restrictions on writers and human rights activists in social media not equal to double censorship?

Do this twitter action to suspend the opponents of a regime that violates human rights,does anyone benefit except Javad Zarif and the Supporter of Terrorism?

Is the removal of a tweet from the leader of the fundamentalist and terrorist regime of the mullahs ruling Iran equal to the suspension of the account of the opponents of this regime?

Are not these measures a sign of weakness against the Iranian regime’s cybercrime?

Do not these measures encourage the Iranian regime to crush its opponents as much as possible?

Do not such actions violate the principle of freedom of expression?

Naturally, every impartial and honest reader is opposed to the creation of such restrictions for any writer or human rights activist.

The Iran regime will be changed by the people and the Iranian people will judge more about it.

Twitter is better to be with the Iranian people and support freedom of expression.

I call on all, writers, human rights activists and social media users to confront such actions.

By expressing your opposition, you are calling for recognition of the right to freedom of expression.

Thanks to all the friends of freedom

Reza Hoseani

Reza Hoseani is a writer, analyst, expert on Iranian affairs, a human rights activist and a defender of the rights of women, children and political prisoners

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