Alyssa Milano Calls for ‘Sex Strike’

The washed up, “C List” actress on Friday took to Twitter and called for a “Sex Strike.” The tweet is in response to Georgia’s new “Heartbeat” abortion bill. The Georgia law, officially knows as the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act, prohibits abortions in Georgia after a heartbeat is detected. Cases of rape, incest, or if the life of the mother is in danger, are exceptions to the law.

(Milano’s Tweet Below)


Milano is no stranger to controversy. She appeared on Capitol Hill during the Brett Kavanaugh hearings, strategically positioned to get maximum air time.  Also, she protested in front of the White House. She visited Parkland, the border and Flint, Mich., launched an activist collective challenging the NRA’s political influence and has campaigned for Democratic candidates.

With the over 3.5 million followers she has on Twitter and her abundant social media skills, she can be quit influential.  For the 2020 election, Milano plans to raise $1 million, and another $1 million through matching funds, for grass-roots voter turnout efforts in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan. The Washington Post even compared her to Jane Fonda. But if you ask me, she’s just another lunatic social justice warrior looking to re-live her 15 minutes of fame.