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Syria is burning

ISIS/ISIL in it’s “al-Naba” online newspaper claimed responsibility for setting fire to hundreds of acres of farmlands across Iraq and Syria. Also they encouraged their supporters to continue torching crops during the harvest season.

“It looks like it will be a hot summer, burning the pockets and hearts of rejecters and apostates who have been burning Muslims and their homes over the past years,” ISIS said in it’s latest issue of”al-Naba” that was published Thursday.

Only two days later, now the Syrians are dealing with bombardment of white phosphorus munitions.  Some local sources are blaming the Assad regime, other are blaming RAF(Russia). White phosphorus can cause injuries and death in three ways: by burning deep into tissue, by being inhaled as a smoke, and by being ingested. Extensive exposure by burning and ingestion may result in death.

There are multiple international laws that regulate white phosphorus use. Article 1 of Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons defines an incendiary weapon as “any weapon or munition which is primarily designed to set fire to objects or to cause burn injury to persons through the action of flame, heat, or combination thereof, produced by a chemical reaction of a substance delivered on the target”. The same protocol prohibits the use of incendiary weapons against civilians (already forbidden by the Geneva Conventions) or in civilian areas. The convention also defines weapons which are not to be considered to be incendiary weapons.

Below are some of the videos from during and after the attack.


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