In order to achieve a free Iran, we should support the great march of Iranians on June 21 in Washington.

More than 40 years’ religious dictatorship ruling in Iran, had brought disastrous results for Iranian people also to the region and even all over the world. A look at the long list of these disasters and crimes against humanity, show importance of supporting the grand rally in Washington D.C on June 21.

The rally that its purpose is sending the message that the only way to salvation from this evil dictatorial regime, is overthrowing by the Iranian people and their organized resistance (National Council Resistance of Iran – NCRI) and (the People Mojahedin Organization of Iran- PMOI/MEK).

Execution of more than 120,000 political prisoners including 30,000 prisoners who were executed in 1988 massacre, political prisoners that most of them were members and supporters of PMOI/MEK.

Spending the Iranian assets for the heavy nuclear and missiles projects, that haven’t any results except of spending 100s billions dollars of Iranian people’s wealth.

Wide suppression of the Iranian women and youth and deprivation the half of the Iran population from their basic rights and expending of addiction and immorality between youth.

Expending the unprecedented poverty in Iran. Based on statistics that provided by the regime’s agencies and confessions of the mullah’s parliament members, more than 80% of the Iranian people live under poverty line, at the present time.

Suppression of the religious and ethnic minorities.

Export of terrorism and warmongering in the Middle East and many countries in the world including full supporting the bloody dictatorship of Assad in Syria, interfere in Iraq and dominance on this country, interfere in Afghanistan and housing to the Al-Qaida leaders and support them by terrorist IRGC’s Quds force, creation the proxy terrorist groups in the region countries like Houthis in Yemen, founding and full supporting of Hezbollah in Lebanon as the most important terrorist group of the Iranian regime in abroad for destabilization and obstruction on the Middle Eastern peace process with spending billions dollars by the mullahs, until the warmongering and recent tensions and crises by Iran regime and its IRGC terrorists in the Persian Gulf and Oman sea during the past month that we witness how to increase the crisis and insecurity in this region by attack to oil tankers and also attack by the Houthis terrorists to the Saudi’s refineries and airports.

The answer of Iranian people to these crimes and disasters by the religious dictatorship has been many protests, strikes and uprising against the mullahs for several decades, and this reaction has formed in an organized resistance inside the country that is growing until now. The widespread protests in Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018 in more than 160 cities of Iran and other protests and nationwide strikes by truck drivers, workers, teachers, retires, university students and other employees in many factories and institutes that are continued during past year until now, show widespread aversion and Iranian people’s will to change and overthrowing of this regime and establishment of freedom and justice in Iran.

Confession of the regime’s heads and its suppressive systems, point to the key role of MEK and Resistance Units in leading the uprisings and protests inside Iran.

Among these confessions who confirm the role of MEK in Iran protests, the one confession is very important that expressed by supreme leader(Vali-Faqih) Khamenei about Dec. 2017/Jan. 2018 uprising or other regime’s suppression systems like IRGC and Ministry of Intelligence(MOIS) that admitted recently to arrest the hundreds members of Resistance Units, show the place of Iranian resistance on leading and organizing nationwide protests against the regime.

The People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran(PMOI/MEK) is the main group of democratic alternative (NCRI) and Mrs. Maryam Rajavi is president elect of NCRI for transition era after overthrowing of religious dictatorship. This alternative with plans and comprehensive programs including the most important plan, 10 point plan of Maryam Rajavi for future Iran, is the best guaranty for achieving of freedom and democracy in Iran and peace and stability in the region.

Now, according to the facts, it is very important to show our support and be echo of Iranian voice to the U.S. government. The message that is very clear,

Recognize the Iranian Resistance leading by Mrs. Maryam Rajavi to make easier and faster the overthrow of this warmongering and terrorist regime and establishment of freedom and justice in Iran and peace and stability in the Middle East region.  

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