Is the US really negotiating with the Taliban or just giving up?

Since 2001, when U.S. forces defeated the Taliban government, tens of thousands of civilians and security personnel and over 2,400 Americans, have been killed in Afghanistan. After almost two decades of war, the Taliban is still in control of about half of the country.

After the latest round of negotiations, there has been a surge of Taliban attack on both Afghan troops and civilians. The deadly blasts included a suicide bombing in Kabul on Monday and another Thursday that killed dozens, including a U.S. service member. Later Thursday, another suicide attack in neighboring Logar province killed four civilians, a spokesperson for the province said.

So what’s to gain with these negotiations? Taliban has already said they would not except any deal unless there’s a full withdraw of American troops. With low recent recruitment of new Afghan troops, the Afghan government wouldn’t last long.  Ultimately the country would end up a launching pad for other terrorists groups.