Bolton being fired lead to the attack on the US Embassy in Kabul?

The timing of the John Bolton firing couldn’t be worst.  I doubt it played a hand in the attack on the embassy in Kabul, surely it was planned in advance. Historically it won’t look good on paper.

So what is the US really doing over there? This is not a winnable war, the past 18 years of war is proof. If and when the US leaves Afghanistan, the current government will fall in week, if not days. The Taliban will finally win and launch their “Islamic Emirate”. A lot of people are about to die.

So why the hell are we negotiating with a terrorist militia? There’s an election coming up in the US. “Promises make, Promises kept” will be one of the campaign slogans of the re-election of the Trump administration. The “Wall” and immigration reform never got past, so “Ending foreign wars” will be the selling point next election.  Elections won once again comes before innocent lives.