Keep your distance, especially from China

This catastrophe is indeed an example of the survival of the fittest, but it is not limited to a war between humans’ immune system and the virus, it is also a war between ideologies and information.

Basically, the severely affected areas of the Coronavirus, such as Italy and Spain in Europe, and Japan and South Korea in Asia, are the countries who “believed in” China and the World Health Organisation, and did not make their own judgement regarding the validity of the data provided by China, not to mention their awareness of the benefits of border closure and the potential dangers of the influx of Chinese tourists.

Then it comes to the nominees for the “Darwin Awards” – those who took the “Coronavirus Challenge” upon themselves on TikTok. As a brand, TikTok has its own values and culture. It is apparent that TikTok has a unique enchantment that draws the addicted ones to death like sirens.

Ironically, in the era of China’s rising as a Sharp Power, complete distrust in the Communist Party of China and its news has become a essential tactic for survival, of which was adopted by the government and people of ROC (Taiwan) and citizens of Hong Kong, who earned a moment of peace between the waves of Coronavirus outbreaks despite their geographic closeness to China and a social network closely tied with the country, even closer than those owned by Japan and South Korea.

They adopted universal mask wearing, a tactic mocked and frowned upon by people around the world, and social distancing, a tactic many authorities doubted due to the people’s willingness to comply. Unsurprisingly, foreign governments’ delayed responses resulted in their untrustworthiness among their people.

Still, some religious groups solemnly believe that their rituals remain unaffected by the Coronavirus pandemic, and thus reject any interference to their practices by the government’s quarantine inspections as they insist on enacting their freedom of religion. One of the super-spreaders in South Korea ignited an irremediable outbreak of the virus within her cult.

Even now, a notorious terrorist organisation halted their penetration and attacks on Europe to avoid infection. It seems that everyone is equal before the virus, regardless of differences in religion and race.

We hope our readers can “suspend” their social and religious routines. You need your life to celebrate what you love and believe. Corpses cannot contribute to your communities.

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