Citizens Bring Protest-related Objects as Offerings in Cementry Visit

April 4 is the Qing Ming Festival where people visit the cemetry as a tradition. Despite the menace of the coronavirus pandemic, over 1000 citizens went to the Sandy Ridge Cemetery at the city’s outskirt where unclaimed bodies were buried.

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In front of the nameless tombstones with only date and a number, elderly in white hair recited sutras while the younger ones kneeled and bowed. People left flowers and objects symbolizing Hong Kong’s pro-democracy movement such as yellow umbrellas and helmets. Some brought beer as an offering while some lit candles.
A flag reading “Liberate Hong Kong, Revolution of Our Times” was hung between the trees. Everyone has their way to mourn the deceased

Since the Anti-Extradition Law Protests last year, there have been sayings about the deaths of protesters as unclaimed bodies and in unrevealed incidents.

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