A statement condemning the Houthis’ repressive mechanism against women’s freedom of movement

The Houthi group has introduced a new repressive mechanism in Sana’a and the rest of its areas of control, violating the right of Yemeni women to move and restoring guardianship over women as a person who is not qualified to control their lives.

Mayyun obtained official documents confirming the Houthi group’s generalization of its security services to prevent the movement of women and their departure to any other areas unless there is a guardian (mahram) or obtaining a higher security approval that allows her to move. Requiring Yemeni women to have a man (mahram) or to obtain preliminary approval notes from the security authorities to be able to move is a flagrant violation of human and women’s rights and the values and customs of Yemeni society.

Mayyun organization shares concerns with human rights organizations and activists about the seriousness of these decisions and violations against women and their rights and calls on the international community to denounce this repressive mechanism implemented by the security services of the Houthi group, and to prevent its continuation.

Issued by Mayyun Human Rights Organization
December 17. 2022

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