Iran threatens Ahwazis with arrest if they don’t attend ceremonies to bid farewell to Qassem Soleimani

Ahwaz is witnessing an arbitrary campaign of restrictions at the time being by the Iranian security services. They have threatened the Ahwazis with arrest if they don’t attend the ceremonies of saying goodbye to slain Qods Force head Qassem Soleimani. Since Friday, Ahwaz has been witnessing wide-ranging pressure campaigns imposed by the Iranian security services against Ahwazi activists and pundits known for their integrity and passion towards the just Ahwazi cause.
The campaign is aimed to defame their image and dent their social and national positon before their loved ones inside and outside Ahwaz. Those activists, freedom fighters, pundits and columnists are facing huge pressure by the security forces at the time being as they stand up to the Iranian terrorism and criminal policies against its criminal policy in Ahwaz and the crimes and terrorism of the Iranian regime in the region and world. Iranian security services are exerting pressures and making contacts with the Ahwazi activists and their families. They ask those families to show up at police stations in order to force them to attend the funeral of Qsssem Soleimani killed in a US raid on Friday. According to our credible sources, the security services threatened Ahwazi activists and poets with facing imprisonment if they skip the funeral of Qassem Soleimani. It also threatened to wipe out their breadwinning sources and sack them from their jobs if they don’t execute the orders given to them by security forces.
The funeral will be held tomorrow in Ahwaz. Therefore, the Ahwazis call on the US, world and rights organizations to put an end to this continued pressures, injustice, and terrorism against the Ahwazis including the activists and pundits and not forcing them to do what they don’t want to do. Iranian security forces force activists to give access to their social media accounts in order to monitor their activities. This is a cowardly act and criminal policies being committed against the people in Ahwaz. Interfering in their personal affairs and social media accounts are rejected humanely, legally and internationally.
By: Younis Suleiman, Ahwazi freelance journalist based in DC.

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