COVID-19 Updates 22/2/2020

  • The total number of infected is now standing at 77976 where the number of deaths is now at 2366. 76291 confirmed cases and 2345 deaths are from mainland China.

  • China has changed its method of counting cases, “clinically confirmed” were excluded and only “positive lab results” cases would be counted.

  • A patient in Hubei has an incubation period of 27 days, longer than the estimated 24 days by Chinese experts.

  • The National Health Commission of China stated the possibility of “fake negative results” from nucleic acid amplification testing.

  • Chinese authorities confirmed 5 prisons have prisoners confirmed infected by the coronavirus.

  • A 68 years old man who briefly quarantined on Chun Yeung estate in Fo Tan was confirmed with the coronavirus after returning from Diamond Princess.

  • The third chartered plane HKSAR government sent to retrieve non-direct contacts is expected to take off at 1:45 HKT on 23 Feb. 5 Hong Kong citizens are present on the flight.

  • 84 Diamond Princess passengers who are Hongkongers returned to the city by the second chartered plane, they were sent to Chun Yeung Estate for quarantine.

  • Chartered plane sent by Taiwan to retrieve Taiwanese nationals from Diamond Princess has arrived Taoyuan International Airport.

  • Nicholas YANG Wei-hsiung, Hong Kong’s Secretary for Innovation and Technology, said reusable masks would be introduced before the end of the epidemic.

  • South Korea got 229 new cases confirmed in one day, giving a total of 433. 3 deaths are reported in the country. A “super infector” is suspected to present.

  • 10 new cases are confirmed in Iran, 5 deaths are reported. Experts estimated there are actually more than 200 people infected.

  • The WHO warned the chance to suppress the epidemic is decreasing. Its expert team headed to Wuhan for inspection today.

  • Italy reports first death of coronavirus patient.

  • Italian authorities ordered lockdown in northern towns after 5 doctors and 10 other individuals tested positive for the coronavirus



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