Faith in Unrelenting Pro-democracy Movement in Everyday Life

There are many ways to express affection, from saying “Hi” to inquiring “are you safe”, and now we ask each other, “do you have enough masks?”

Not that we have too many masks to give away, but because we don’t want to see those we care to suffer misfortune.

Some say the anti-extradition law movement seems to have disappeared; on the contrary, it is ongoing every day in various formats, ranging from “lunch with you”, the “yellow economic circle”, supporting the detainees to visiting the arrestees.

Some arrested complained about not receiving letters; no one has ever visited them. The reality is when the arrestees are on court bail, we keep them company, at times, we may also be worried, or distressed, or saddened to see court closure due to Coronavirus outbreak, causing longer wait for detainees.

We cannot go back.

The movement has not disappeared as things are still happening every day. We will not forget, and we refuse to get used to injustice. Some people want to go back to old-time Hong Kong, but “we can’t go back”, we have suffered mentally and physically. The injury we suffer every time will help us grow, not regress, such that we can be discouraged, disappointed, but we should not despair.

“Five Demands Not one Less” and “Go together Leave together” are not merely protest slogans, but our faith in the movement.

Source: Leung Kam-wai, legislator of Kwai-Tsing District

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