Why is Twitter Shadowbanning Freedom Loving Iranians?

On Leap Day, we noticed many Iranian dissident accounts were being “shadowbanned”, although they had committed no TOS violations.  We tried to find something all of these accounts had in common that might help explain the ban. The accounts didn’t share a particular location or even the same language. Not even similar hashtags in their profile bios.  Having said that, it’s really hard to blame this on a “glitch” with the Twitter algorithm.

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Ali Hosseini Khamenei and Javad Zarif’s Twitter accounts haven’t been effected. If anything, both of them should be suspended for spreading false information and posting veiled threats. Considering the regime doesn’t let their citizens use the app, you would think Jack Dorsey would suspend their accounts.

It is widely known the famed CEO of Twitter is a liberal philanthropist. In October 2019, Dorsey donated $350,000 to Team Trees, a nonprofit started by YouTuber “MrBeast” that pledged to plant 20 million trees by the end of 2019. Dorsey even said he was “aware of the human rights atrocities” in Myanmar. It’s hard to believe Dorsey would intentionally silence these people.

So why is this happening? It could be the work of an Iranian Regime supporter working for Twitter. It also could be an over all internal Twitter policy to support the terrorist Mullah regime. We have already seen proof Antifa members are working directly for Twitter. It also could be the result of “mass reporting”, but recently none of the accounts have been locked. Regardless of reason, hopefully Twitter will remove the bans on these accounts and takes a stand for people seeking freedom.

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