Police Officers’ Unreasonable Stop-and-Search & Questionable Handling of Personal Data and Security Risks

During Sunday evening (8 March), police officers had unreasonably stopped and questioned heaps of civilians at various locations in Tseung Kwan O. People ranging from the elderly to children who followed their families to mourn were intercepted.

A civilian who had been searched by police officers within the cordon told reporters that he had witnessed the usage of WhatsApp, instead of the usual notebook, to record the identity and data of the person being searched, leading many to question whether the risk of leaking personal data of the intercepted person had increased,. He suspected that some personal information of demonstrators has been leaked out by this way.

He added that the intercepted civilians were divided into two groups, those who were searched in the streets where could be monitored by reporters were treated well, while those who were searched inside a car park were treated badly. The civilian said that as soon as they entered the car park, dozens of police officers swore at him, shoved him, and even called him mentally handicapped, indicating the police’s explosive and unstable emotion states.

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