COVID-19 Updates (23/4)

At the time of writing, 2,672,260 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed with 186,933 deaths worldwide. The US, Spain, Italy, France, and Germany are the worst affected countries by the pandemic. 731,825 have recovered.

China reports 10 new coronavirus cases.

China is donating an additional 30 million USD to WHO.

Chinese spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Geng Shuang, claims there are no wild animal wet markets in China.

Hong Kong reports 2 new cases, both of them are imported.

From Friday onwards, recoveries from COVID-19 in Hong Kong can enjoy free Chinese medical services for half a year.

The United Kingdom is offering coronavirus inspections for 300,000 personal in the coming year.

Another soldier onboard Taiwan’s “GoodWill Fleet” has contracted the virus, making a total of 29 on the fleet. Taiwan announced extension of banning tourist transferring through Taiwan.

For the fourth day in a roll, Singapore has reported more than 1000 cases.

Hydroxychloroquine, recommended by American President Donald Trump, was proved ineffective towards the virus.

Forensics in California proved that the first death case in America dates back to early February.

American Intelligence suggests Chinese agents helped spread fake news regarding lockdowns to create panic.

American Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticizes China for hiding the epidemic and making use of the epidemic to threaten nearby regions including Hong Kong and Taiwan.

WHO director Tedros claims WHO has tackled the pandemic on time.

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