Rouhani is frustrated of his own mishandling of the coronavirus outbreak

Analysis by PMOI/MEK  

Iran, April 24, 2020—During Wednesday’s cabinet meeting, Iranian Regime President Hassan Rouhani portrayed a desperate situation of his regime.

Furious over revelations made by the Iranian resistance to debunk his constant lies, Rouhani said, “Why are people always looking here and there to find something and constantly exaggerate it. There are enough satellite networks to lie and exaggerate our mistakes. There’s no need for such networks inside Iran,” he said. “… There is a small minority that get their talking points from abroad and unfortunately repeat whatever they say… They doubt [official] stats, the medical services, the country’s progress and the state’s effective measures… day and night they seek such criteria.”

As Rouhani tried to dissuade his rivals from exposing his lies, he did admit to the “existence of problems” that have been constantly revealed by the Iranian opposition.

Revealing the regime’s inhuman strategy

The regime has based its strategy of sending people back to work based on “fake statistics.” By comparing these fictitious figures with other countries in the world, Rouhani claims that “we have a better situation than the European countries” and concludes that it is time to cancel quarantines and reopen the economy.

But this strategy, which is based on lies, has failed due to daily information published by the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), obtained by its internal network. Therefore, even inside the regime, no one confirms the regime’s fake statistics. From Tehran’s city council to the managers of the healthcare systems and even members of the Coronavirus Task Force, many officials are questioning the regime’s statistics. The regime is still not able to announce its statistics separately by province since in that case, its lies will become even clearer than before.

The regime’s all-encompassing role in the deadly coronavirus crisis

From day one, the Iranian Resistance has published undeniable documents from inside the regime that showed how the regime was aware since December about the virus outbreak in Iran but for its own interests, including its sham parliamentary elections, it decided to keep it hidden from the people.

The Iranian Resistance and the MEK revealed the regime’s criminal and inhuman strategy of sending millions of people back to work while the spread of the virus has not been contained and upset the balance of the regime both in relation to the Iranian people and even within itself. Therefore, many state-run media use the term “distrust” of the people toward the regime. This shows the regime’s desperate situation.

Between the people’s health and its own survival, the regime chose the second option. The regime insisted on a campaign to lift sanctions and said due to sanctions, it does not have the resources to cover the costs of national quarantine, and if the situation continues, that people might die from hunger instead of the coronavirus. But the Iranian Resistance insisted on hundreds of billions of dollars wealth of foundations and thresholds under the command of supreme leader Ali Khamenei and revealed that the regime lies of having no cash. Now, even inside the regime, many figures ask why doesn’t Khamenei use his vast wealth to handle the situation?

Late warnings

With every passing day, the consequences of the regime’s inhuman policies cause hesitation among its own officials and they ask if these policies are not accelerating the outbreak of uprisings, the very thing the regime was evading?

The daily Jahan-e Sanat wrote on April 22: “The coronavirus outbreak was so unexpected and severe that the result could be the creation of a state of war with military-security mobilization in the country.”

The paper predicts that “economical and social collapse in the near future is inevitable” and warns that uprisings such as those in 1999, 2009, 2018 and 2019 will continue: “This time the protests will be more severe and violent and most of the poor and middle classes will be present.”

This is the reason Rouhani and the regime’s intelligence and security apparatus is so desperate. The daily Hamshahri warned on Wednesday, April 22, that despite the officials claim to have control and management over the social situation, they cannot hide their fear of the upcoming storm and they know very well what kind of heavy storm is on the way. History has shown that when dictators reach their end, anything they do has no effect on their destiny. And this is exactly what Iran’s regime is facing right now.

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