COVID-19 Updates (May 14th)

At the time of writing, 4,466,504 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed with 299,483 deaths and 1,678,338 recovered.

Hong Kong has reported one local case today; the infected man is the husband of the 66 years old woman who has confirmed contracted the virus yesterday.

From next Monday onwards, the Hong Kong International Airport requires all personals to wear a mask.

For 32 consecutive days Taiwan reports no local coronavirus case.

US Intelligence suggested China stopped WHO from warning the world about COVID-19, while stockpiling medical supplies.

US criticized China for attempting to steal the vaccine research materials.

US State of Secretary Pompeo denounced “some countries” covered up the epidemic.

US – 82 children in New York showed inflammation symptoms, 53 of them have contracted the coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump claimed even 100 trade deals between China and US would not make up the loss caused by the pandemic.

Chinese chairman Xi JinPing warned to punish officials who failed to tackle the epidemic effectively.

39 prefectures in Japan have their state of emergencies lifted off, excluding larger cities such as Tokyo and Osaka.

Japanese Prime Minster Shinzo Abe expects a possible full lift on state of emergencies in the entire country.

WHO warns COVID-19 may become an endemic eventually.


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