COVID-19 Updates (May 16th)

At the time of writing, 4,669,972 cases of the coronavirus had been confirmed with 310,002 deaths. 1,779,796 have recovered.

Hong Kong has no new cases today.

According to confidential documents by National University of Defense Technology, China may have at least 640,000 confirmed cases.

China has reported 21 new cases today. (8 shows symptoms and 13 asymptomatic).

Secretary of Shulan, Jilin province in China has been fired after local cases keep showing up in the province

In Wuhan China, all residents have to receive virus inspection after local cases confirmed in the city again. 2 cases have been reported at the first day.

US President Trump expects COVID-19 vaccines would be released by the end of 2020.

US – State of New York announced limited work resumption in certain areas.

US – On USS Theodore Roosevelt, some sailors have contracted the virus after recovery.

Football leagues in Germany have restarted but matches have to play behind the doors.

South Korea has reported 19 new cases, being the lowest daily number in the past week.

WHO signed a MOU with International Olympic Committee, reinforcing cooperation between the 2 to promote sports and virus transmission control.

Brazilian Minister of Health Nelson Teich has resigned. Local news reports suggest he had disagreements with President Jair Bolsonaro in terms of anti-epidemic measures.


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