Bolivian government denounces ex-president Evo Morales for child sexual abuse and human trafficking

The Bolivian Ministry of Justice filed a criminal action against former President Evo Morales with the Public Ministry for rape of minors and human trafficking, said Bolivian Deputy Minister Guido Melgar.

In the past few days, pictures of Morales were released in the local press and social media with a 14-year-old girl who was accompanying the then Bolivian president. The girl is now 19 years old. Deputy Minister Melgar said that, in photos taken from a cell phone of a relative of the young woman, she is observed with the then ruler on trips around the country.

Melgar also cited the arrest of a sister of the victim, who is involved in the crimes. In addition, he commented that the role of the young woman’s parents is being investigated for allowing Evo Morales to take her on all of her travels, as well as when the relationship started and continues.

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