Domestic Terrorists take over a neighborhood in Portland

Antifa terrorists have barricaded themselves in at a place called the “Red House”, arming themselves with weapons, after being served an eviction notice. They attacked police, who drove them off, and now the terrorists have set up barricades  for their new autonomous zone called RHAZ(Red House Autonomous Zone).

How many days will RHAZ last? Or worse, will RHAZ become something real and will we “finally” have an Anarcho-Communist Commune in North Portland with armed guerrilla cells appearing there? Or even in the worst possible case, the beginning of a Far-Left Insurgency in the northwest of US? Normal Americans are getting fed up with these terrorists.

The Red House barricaded zone has grown, adding another block and now reaching the corner of Albina Ave. and Blandena St. in a rapidly developing part of North Portland.

Antifa reinforce more barricades along Albina Ave. in an attempt to block an eviction of “The Red House” residence. Portland police and MCSO have attempted to evict the residents on multiple occasions over the past couple of years.


Footage from inside Portland’s Antifa Red House Autonomous Zone. They’ve reinforced their hard border and have set up a larger buffer zone around the occupation.

With no sign of the chaos subsiding, Mayor Ted Wheeler yesterday authorized Portland Police “to use all lawful means to end the illegal occupation,” adding “There will be no autonomous zone in Portland.”

Cops say 7 arrests were made, and several police vehicles were damaged. Mayor Wheeler is rebuking the demonstrators for their behavior, saying “There are many ways to protest and work toward needed reform. Illegally occupying private property, openly carrying weapons, threatening and intimidating people are not among them.”

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Above are some of the terrorists arrested at the police raid on the Antifa squat at the Red House. Most of them have prior records.

None the less, the RHAZ is still being occupied and crime continues.  When is Portland going to get tough with these Far-Left Insurgents? Below is some video from this morning at RHAZ.

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