The March for Trump (Videos)

Crowds of President Donald Trump’s supporters flocked to Washington, D.C., Saturday for the second time in as many months to show their opposition to the results of the presidential election.

Rallying around chants of “we want Trump” and “four more years,” protesters listened to speakers including former national security advisor Michael Flynn and InfoWars host Alex Jones. Below are videos from the event.

Thousands of Proud Boys Gather In DC for “March For Trump.”


Also over a thousand Trump supporters are gathered here outside the Supreme Court, awaiting speeches from Michael Flynn and others at the start of today’s March for Trump.


Alex Jones spoke, promising that “we will never recognize” Joe Biden. Cheers erupted when he declared that “Joe Biden is a globalist, and Joe Biden will be removed one way or another. Proud Boys walking around downtown DC. Also antifa counter protestors stand near fence.


President Trump flies over Freedom Plaza. Proud Boys are now leaving freedom plaza marching to the Washington monument to meet other patriots and members of the Proud Boys. The barricades have been removed. Antifa counter protestors are on their way toward the Trump “Stop the Steal” rally.


There are several lines of police. Some of the lines are pushing people inside BLM Plaza further back while others are holding strong to prevent the Proud Boys from entering. A Trump supporter yells towards people in BLM Plaza: “Wake the fuck up … has BLM helped any of you? Have they helped any of these innocent kids?”


March For Trump has begun as Trump supporters carry a massive “Blue Lives Matter” flag down Penn. Ave.


Conflict turns into brawl in D.C.


Alex Jones attempts to bypass Security and crash the Stop the Steal event in DC. He makes his way through a cheering crowd after the organizers outside the Supreme Court would not let him speak. He’s taking the crowd across the street instead March For Trump.


Couple physically assaulted and maced by Antifa/BLM militants in DC.


DC: Proud boys want police to let them come in and “take care of these motherfuckers”.

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