Pakistan offers to help train Libyan Army.

Pakistan and Libya discussed deployment of a Task Force for GNA (Libya’s Government of National Accord) on a comprehensive training and assist mission to help rebuild the Libyan Armed Forces. Pakistan can also help Libya with equipment and weapon systems.

The Libyan Defense Minister Salah Al-Namroush met Monday with the Pakistani military attaché Atef Talha and discussed boosting cooperation between the two countries’ Defense Ministries.

Libya’s Defense Ministry said on Facebook that the meeting reviewed the capabilities of the Pakistani military and its experience in different fields such as fighting organized crime and terrorism.

The military attaché said Pakistan hopes to cooperate with Libya in military fields and in training Libyan Army forces in fighting terrorism and demining.

NOTE: Libyan cadets are already being trained in PMA (Pakistan Military academy) and PAF (Pakistan Air Force) academies since Muammar Gaddafi’s time.

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