The Cartel Issue

Mexico today has a plague, a disease that affects its society and the countries around it much more strongly than COVID-19. This disease is know as the “Cartels”.

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In an event of a total collapse of Colombia, Central America or even Mexico itself as a Nation-State (given the gravity of the War between Cartels) towards the US Frontier, waves of uncontrolled immigration that are much larger and more numerous than seen today would happen and, obviously, the cartels that control the states of the US-Mexico border would take advantage of this greatly.

So, in case we actually see Biden weaken immigration policy at the request of the Internationalist Forces that are behind the “President-elect”, it would not be too “out of the box” to imagine the Mexican Cartels War arriving inside US.

And with that, it wouldn’t be too crazy to imagine the same cartels allying with gangs or local militants (left and right) in name of “business”.

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