Khamenei: “The Enemy is lying in ambush”

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 1, 2021—On Tuesday, the website of Iranian regime supreme leader Ali Khamenei published a report about a meeting that took place on March 15 between Khamenei and the so-called members of the National Congress of Four Thousand Martyrs of Yazd Province.

In his remarks, Khamenei acknowledged the explosive state of the society and expressed concern about growing despair among the regime’s forces.

“The Enemy is lying in ambush. We must repeat this so that people don’t forget it. The enemy is working constantly to discourage the youth,” Khamenei said and added that the enemy is not only affecting the impoverished people who are fed up with the mullahs’ rule but also causes doubts in those who believe in the establishment.

Khamenei also warned about the spread of dissatisfaction among youths and said, “You must retain the youth and don’t let them be affected and recruited by the enemy.”

“The enemy is trying to destroy youths’ motivation… The enemy is here to disband the Islamic Republic,” Khamenei warned.

On February 17, Khamenei had warned, “The enemy’s propaganda amplifies our failures to create a psychologic war. They want to make the youths disappointed and the people pessimistic about the future.”

Some regime officials have echoed the same worries and even begged some members of the Revolutionary Guard (IRGC) Basij to not leave their bases. On February 1, Hossein Salami, the top commander of the IRGC said, “Today, more than ever, we need the presence of the Basij. You the Basijis, revive the bases, go inside the bases, do not hesitate to serve the establishment.”

Many other officials also warned about exhaustion among regime’s forces as a general problem in the whole regime’s establishment. “Khamenei today is very very alone,” Zeynab Soleimani, the daughter of the dead terrorist Quds Force commander Qassem Soleimani, said in December.

Khamenei’s recent remarks show the regime’s status quo in confrontation with its social, economic, and political crises. On the one hand, it portrays the desire of the Iranian youth to overthrow the regime, and on the other, it shows the dwindling morale among the regime’s forces. The regime is at a tight spot, especially as nowadays, every event triggers widespread protests, a situation that has raised many concerns within the regime.

On March 30, the regime’s Judiciary Chief Ebrahim Raisi warned, “Under no circumstances should we let the people with evil thoughts damage the security of the establishment.

Khamenei knows very well that revealing the weak state of the regime will make things worse for the regime. That is why he is trying to exude power on different fronts, increasing repressive measures at home and resorting to provocative methods abroad, such as acts of terrorism and engaging in a nuclear standoff with the international community. But he also knows that remaining silent can also result in the situation spinning out of control, which is why he decided to reveal his meeting with the basij members two weeks after it actually happened.

But after 42 years of dictatorship, repression, crimes, and lootings against the Iranian people, the regime is remaining afloat on borrowed time, and Khamenei’s warnings will do little to solve the regime’s unsolvable problems.

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