This is how Iranian intelligence officials try to “attract” Israelis on social media to meetings abroad that could lead to their abduction

  • A joint operation by the General Security Service and the Mossad revealed the method of operation of Iranian intelligence agencies, through which they acted to entice Israelis to go to various countries abroad, in order to harm or abduct them. *

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  • The method is based on using fictitious profiles on a social network and making contact with Israelis who have business ties with factors around the world and tend to go abroad. *

  • The method worked as follows: *
    Iranian officials have opened fictitious profiles of women, who are allegedly engaged in business and tourism, on the social network “Instagram”.

  • These profiles made contacts with Israeli citizens, coordinated meetings with them abroad and tried to “attract” them to meetings on various business or romantic pretexts. *

This type of activity is carried out in a variety of countries that maintain ties with Israel and with Israelis, including Arab countries, Turkey, the Gulf countries, the Caucasus, Africa and Europe.

This is a familiar pattern of action similar to the one previously carried out by Iran in the face of regime opponents in Europe. Now, Iran is acting similarly against Israeli citizens seeking to develop legitimate business relationships abroad in the countries mentioned.

There is a real fear that this activity by Iranian elements will lead to attempts to harm Israelis or abduct them in the same countries in which the Iranians operate.

Against the background of exposing the Iranians’ method of operation, security officials call on Israeli citizens who maintain business ties abroad to be aware and vigilant about inquiries on social networks from profiles they do not recognize, and to prevent contact with them. *

Attached are examples of the impersonal profiles of Iranian elements, for your use.

Attached is a video with examples of correspondence of the Iranian profile with Israelis.

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