HK Police Demands Journalists to Remove Black-Colored Masks

April 15, 2021 is named the “National Security Education Day” in Hong Kong, and in conjunction with such day, the five training schools of the HKSAR Government disciplinary forces are open to the public.

The press were present at the Police College in Wong Chuk Hang in the afternoon to cover the opening ceremony. Chris Tang Ping-Keung, the Commissioner of the Police Force is reported to be present.

As the journalists enter the academy, at least three of them were asked to remove their black-colored masks.

The Police Public Relations Branch claimed that black-colored masks are “not allowed to be worn” inside the academy. When the journalist asked for the reason, the police officer said that “black-colored ones are definitely not allowed today, either you remove it or cover it, don’t waste your breath with me.”

The officers provided masks in other colors for the journalists to change. “You can either change into this one, or you cover yours up.”

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