Another blow to Tehran’s moderation facade

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, April 29, 2021—Earlier this week, a “leaked” audio recording of Iranian regime Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif increased the struggle for power between regime different factions. Zarif acknowledged that the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) dominates the regime’s policies, especially the foreign strategies that have resulted in various terrorist crimes in the region and across the world.

Zarif’s remarks prove once again that the regime is playing with the card of the so-called reformist-hardliner standoff to mislead Iran’s international counterparts and continue its terrorist and malign behavior. Without exception, all the regime officials, including Zarif, are involved in the regime’s major criminal acts.

In this regard, during his cabinet meeting on April 8, regime President Hassan Rouhani further proved the unity in the criminal nature of the regime. “I am speaking as someone who has been in the Supreme National Security Council for 32 years,” Rouhani said, adding that “the frontline and diplomacy are two arms” of the mullahs’ regime. He further drove the point by saying, “If anyone believes that either the frontline or the negotiations must win, then I must say that their words are incorrect. ”

In reaction to the revealed tape, Zarif himself also stressed on the unity in the regime and said, “Reducing the theoretical discussion between the two wings of the establishment’s external power, which means diplomacy and the frontline, as an excuse for promoting a divergence between the military and diplomats who both strive for the system, is not only short-sighted but in full contrast to my views that diplomacy and the frontline complement each other.”

“The supreme leader (Ali Khamenei) coordinated us,” Zarif said and added, “As an official, I have always followed the policies approved by the establishment, and I have strongly defended them.”

These remarks once again prove that Zarif has always been aware of all regime’s terrorist activities in the last eight years. It is worth reminding that in 2018 an Iranian career diplomat plotted to bomb a rally of the Iranian opposition France that could have killed thousands, including hundreds of distinguished international dignitaries.

In the last 42 years, the regime always tried to play the card of “reformist-principalists” as a way to put up a façade of democracy toward the international community. So-called moderate figures include Rouhani, who has more than 4000 executions and the slaughter of 1500 protesters on his report card, and former president Mohammad Khatami, who led the bloody crackdown on student uprisings in Tehran in 1999. And now, Zarif’s audiotape is just the latest of an endless list of facts and events that have proven time and again that moderation in the regime is an illusion.

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