Iranians inside and abroad call for boycott of the mullahs’ sham elections

In the past 40 years elections in Iran have not been about an expression of popular choice in the democratic fair and transparent process but a mockery of the democratic process resulting in a selection by Iran’s supreme leader.
Khamenei has now set the stage to appoint the judiciary chief Abraham Raisi known as the henchmen of 1988 as president in the June 18 election. This makes it clear elections in Iran are a farce
In the past 2 months despite all the risks and threats, the network of the people’s mujahedeen organization of Iran PMOI/MEK inside the country and the resistance units have pushed the campaign for the boycott in various ways
The main slogan of this campaign is: My vote is regime change The extent of the call for the boycott of the sham elections has grown to such an extent among various strata of Iran society that the heads of the regime all come to the scene asking people to ignore calls for the boycott and to take part in the elections on Sunday. Iranians around the world and throughout Iran took to social media in a 24-hour Tweet-a-Thon to echo their call for the boycott of the sham elections using hashtags #BoycottIranShamElections which was shared over 127,000 times in just a few hours showing the world once more that talks of elections in Iran is a mere mirage and we will witness free democratic elections only with the fall of the Velayat-e-Faghih(The ruling of mullahs)
One of those activists spoke to Times Radio recently and said that no one she knows will vote.
She said: “All of the candidates are for us the same and in the last 42 years the elections have never been about an expression of a popular choice but a selection by the supreme leader.”
The election boycott is supported by the opposition leader Maryam Rajavi, who reiterated the call on May 25, telling people to protest the whittling down of the candidates, saying that there is no excuse to appease the regime.
The Iranian opposition wrote: “The reality is that the regime is in survival mode and is caught between a rock and a hard place, Khamenei had no choice, but to close ranks and purge the rival faction. The regime will become more vulnerable in the face of the looming nationwide uprising waiting in the wings. And when that happens, it will be far more intense and widespread than in previous years. In a nutshell, for Khamenei, this is a battle of survival.”

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