Joint statement of the Palestinian Resistance factions

“Our opposition and our people in their unity and by various means of resistance, we have succeeded in repelling the occupation and thwarting its plans aimed at forcing new facts in the Holy City, by displacing and persecuting its people and seeking to impose a temporary and spatial division in the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

The cowardly enemy erred in Lal-Aqsa there are people who will not hesitate to defend their sanctity no matter what the price,

In light of the march of Israeli flags and the situation in Sheikh Jarrah and the entire Holy City, the common room of the Palestinian resistance factions confirms the following:

First: The leadership of the common room closely monitors the behavior of the Zionist enemy in the Holy City, and we will respond if the enemy decides to bring the situation back before May 11. We will not allow the occupation to force internal crises against our people.

Second, we salute the strength of our people in all points of friction that have succeeded and are able to thwart all of its future plans aimed at eliminating the Palestinian cause.

Third: We call on the masses of our people in Jerusalem, in the West Bank to continue to confront the enemy to ignite the ground beneath his feet in various ways and not allow the settlement plans to be passed, they will find the resistance willing to support them at the right moment.”

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