Iraqi President Barham Salih: National basic tasks that are still ahead of us can’t be compromised, therefore free and fair elections should be held to build a strong and sovereign country

While congratulating the Iraqi and the Islamic World on the occasion of Islamic New Year (Hijri New Year 1443), Iraqi President Salih said that, this occasion has deep rooted sense of patience, loyalty, determination and sacrifice in order to do right, foster the spirit of collaboration, bring all together and establish further cooperation to meet the challenges and crises.

National basic tasks that are still ahead of us can’t be compromised, the President said, therefore a capable sovereign stable Iraq that could better serve the needs of its people, and could better use the country’s wealth must be built. Dealing peacefully with people, and respecting the sovereignty of each neighbor should be considered as fundamental to ensuring the safety of its people and neighboring states, he added.

Achieving our lofty tasks should be built on holding a free and fair election that is based on the free will of the Iraqi and their aspirations for having promising future that they deserve to be have due to their patience, struggle and sacrifice, the President emphasized, while noting that it is, therefore, the starting point for achieving the desired reforms, fighting corruption as well as promoting good governance based on the rule of the people by the people and for the people.

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