Iran reopens schools amid sixth Covid-19 wave

Analysis by PMOI/MEK

Iran, September 29, 2021—The sixth coronavirus wave and more dangerous variants are on the way, according to Iranian state media.

“While concerns over the continuation of the fifth wave have not yet been completely resolved, some are warning about an upcoming sixth coronavirus wave in Iran and discussing the beginning of the next pandemic wave,” reads a piece in the state-run Hamdeli newspaper citing Iranian health experts.

“Since general vaccination has not yet reached 70 percent of the population, we will face a new outbreak of the disease in case of any negligence,” the state-run piece adds quoting deputy dean of Gilan Medical Sciences University on September 25.

Iran’s new school year began on Saturday and regime President  Ebrahim Raisi visited a school in the city of Shahr-e-Rey, south of Tehran.

The regime’s Health Ministry intends to vaccinate students with vaccines yet to be approved by the World Health Organization. One of these vaccines is the Chinese Sinopharm, which has not been approved by the WHO for children.

“Iran has recently announced that it has started vaccinating students with Sinopharm. Vaccination for this age group with this vaccine has not yet been approved by international organizations. This shows the need to import Pfizer vaccines, which are globally approved. Iran has strangely insisted on reopening schools and begun vaccinating students. Vaccination for children 12 years and older is taking place while in other parts of the world the Pfizer vaccine is considered suitable for young people and there is no such confirmation for Sinopharm,” according to a September 25 report published by the state-run Arman daily.

“The Health Ministry, and specifically the Food and Drug Administration, is responsible in deciding which vaccine is to be used for 12 to 18-year-olds or under 18 years old in general. These issues have nothing to do with the WHO, and if the Food and Drug Administration and the Health Ministry determine whether a vaccine is appropriate or safe, that is the end of all discussions,” said Abbas Ali Shahriari, chair of the regime’s Majlis (parliament) Health Commission, while ignoring WHO rules and regulations for vaccination, especially vaccination of children, according to a September 25 report by the state-run Jomhouri Eslami (Islamic Republic) newspaper.

According to regime Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei’s policy of “looking to the east,” and based on the treasonous 25-year agreement with China and economic deals with Beijing, the mullahs’ regime and its vaccine industry see it in their interests to import from the Chinese Sinopharm company and vaccinate the majority of Iran’s deprived people, including children, with this unapproved vaccine.

“Among people who had received their second vaccine dose more than two weeks ago 2027 people have died of coronavirus complications, according to a report released by Iran’s Statistics and Information Technology Management Center. Furthermore, according to this report, the death toll of vaccinated people in the country were ten times the global standard,” according to a September 25 report published by the state-run Iran daily regarding the various side-effects of these type of vaccines.

Adopting such a policy that is against the Iranian people’s interests comes at a time when there are no restrictions on importing WHO-approved vaccines, such as Pfizer, Moderna, and AstraZeneca. Despite repeated false claims by regime officials in the past, vaccine imports are exempt from sanctions and were not conditional to FATF approval.

However, during the coronavirus crisis, the regime has been seeking to take advantage of the status quo in order prevent the restive Iranian nation from protesting that could render more nationwide uprisings. By producing unapproved vaccines domestically or importing low-efficiency vaccines the regime allows Khamenei-affiliated institutions, such as the Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) to profit from innocent Iranians. These institutions have absolutely no expertise in vaccines.

This is why we are witnessing nationwide protests by teachers who, instead of attending classes, have taken to their city streets and resorted to protesting the regime’s dangerous and destructive policies. These protests show the prospects for future uprisings.

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