A Joint Statement by Iraqi President Salih and Head of the Supreme Judicial Council

Believing in own principles and in our sense of national, constitutional and legal responsibility, and in order to maintain the constitutional and democratic process in the country, and to underscore the need to protect the interest of the Iraqi citizens, to promote security and stability and to ensure that Iraq will not be dragged into any escalation in tension that might affects public security in the country.

We emphasize that recourse should be had to the Iraqi ordinary people therefore, it is a fundamental and constitutional principle, where the people are the source of authority and legitimacy.

Election is a national entitlement and a democratic and peaceful path where people can exercise their right to vote, the two sides agreed, and it is vital to restore voter confidence in local ballots in order to ensure that elections reflect the Iraqis’ will to choose their representatives without fraud or other irregularities that could play a role in the outcome of the elections.

With regard to objections which have been submitted on the conduct of the electoral process, we emphasized that the objections are sustained within the legal context, and they will be worked out according to the Iraqi constitution and its law.

We affirm our support for the Electoral Commission and for the competent judicial body to pursue this matter further and to seriously hear and review all electoral complaints and challenges, and they have to act professionally and with high sense of responsibility and neutrality.

We call upon all sides to have a national and responsible attitude in the high interest of their country, where tensions should be calmed through having further dialogue, and escalation should be avoided to maintain peace and security.

Furthermore, it is essential to step up our collective efforts to carry out the national tasks that are still ahead of us. The first is to form a new Parliament reflecting the will of the Iraqis and responding to their aspirations to meet the challenges of further reform and development.
They highlighted that the new Iraqi Parliament has to form a functioning government that protects the high interest of the country and works toward building a strong State that is able to meet Iraqi people’s aspirations for having a better future.

The President of the Republic of Iraq,
Barham Salih,
The Head of the Supreme Judicial Council,
Judge. Faeq Zaidan

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