IRGC-AF existing ICBM fleet as a base for future (global) reach Iranian HGV warheads

Qased -tested
Zoljanah -tested
Khorramshahr-Salman (future)
HS 8 / DF17 HGV (China/NK)

Deputy general of the Revolutionary Guard aerospace forces Mousavi in his first publiced speech, announced that beside short-, mid- and long-range missile capabilities, his force also has advanced Irans intercontinental capabilities.

This claim was a first for Iran and was later censored, to create plausible deniability. Iran had previously voluntarily restricted itself to a 2000km range limit.

Qiam-1 [“Uprising-1”] is a liquid fueled, short-range ballistic missile (SRBM) developed and deployed by Iran.(behind a blast door, on a launch rail ready to go).

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