The President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih hosted a meeting on the recent development in Iraq.

The meeting was held at al-Salam Palace in Baghdad. The Head of the Supreme Judicial Council, Judge Faiq Zidan attended the meeting alongside top leaders and representatives of political forces. Politics and overall conditions related matters in the country in addition to the legislative elections held on 10 October 2021, were discussed during the meeting.

Meeting’s agenda emphasized the importance of bringing positions together and fostering a spirit of understanding in order to ensure security and stability in the country and promote national unity.
Furthermore, it was stressed that the democratic process should be kept on track while the country’s interest should be placed above everything else.

Meanwhile, it is therefore necessary to adopt the legal frameworks and democratic practices to promote civil peace and security. Problems should be resolved and differences of views could be overcome through having further dialogue.

The meeting participants agreed that the right to contest the results of the elections is acceptable and guaranteed by electoral laws and regulations, and it should be followed up.

However, these challenges should be made and dealt through legal and peaceful means.
Meeting placed emphasis on the need that the Electoral Commission and the competent judicial body have to follow up on the issue of the elections, and work diligently and seriously to consider all complaints and the challenges on the results of the elections.

Attendants also emphasized that impartiality, transparency and standards of professionalism are also required in dealing with these complaints as it’s a matter of critical importance to restore voter confidence in local ballots.
Those in attendance underlined the need to bring positions together and step up their collective efforts in which this is the best way to work towards carrying out the tasks ahead and forming a government committed to undertaking the reforms, promoting economic development, improving the living conditions and guaranteeing better services for the population.

To do so, a functioning government that places the country’s interest above everything else and acts in the national interest and committed to undertaking reforms and meeting the Iraqi people’s demands should be formed.
Together, they stressed that the government has to provide equal opportunities for all Iraqi citizens, where there could be further promoting economic, trade growth, development and infrastructure.


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