Iran: Farmers, retirees, workers, creditors, hold protest rallies in several cities

Reporting by PMOI/MEK

Iran, November 8, 2021—Farmers in Isfahan rallied in front of the headquarters of the province’s water company on Monday to protest the government’s lack of response to their demands.

The farmers have been regularly protesting the deteriorating conditions of the province’s farming industry and water shortages. The regime’s policies and destructive projects, including the building of dams without regard to the province’s ecosystem, has resulted in severe ecological problems.

On Sunday, retired steel workers in Isfahan and Khuzestan held demonstrations in protest to the continued deterioration of their living conditions and the regime’s disregard for their economic woes.

In the past months, retirees have been regularly organizing protests in various cities. But regime officials refrain from addressing the pensioners’ demands. The protesters complain that their meager pensions are not nearly enough to cover their most basic expenses and are often delayed for several months.

The decline in Iran’s economy, spurred by government corruption and destructive policies, has plunged the lives of many pensioners and retired government workers into utter poverty. The rial, Iran’s national currency, has seen a huge dip in the past few years, losing more than 80 percent of its value. This has caused a spike in the prices of basic goods. Meanwhile, pensions and salaries have not been adjusted to this fundamental shift in the economical dynamics of the society. Under the current rates, most pensioners live under the poverty line.

In Tabriz, the workers of Iran Khodro auto manufacturer went on strike held a protest rally on Sunday. The workers have not received their salaries for several months. Their base wages also haven’t changed in the past two years despite the increase in inflation and the lowering value of the rial.

In the past two years, the prices of vehicles have increased fivefold, but the salaries of the workers have not changed, the protesters say.

In Tehran, a large group of account-holders of Cryptoland, one of Iran’s largest digital currency exchanges, held a protest rally in front of the headquarters of the judiciary branch, demanding their money.

In May, the CEO of Cryptoland was arrested on charges of embezzlement and the site was shut down. Since then, 70,000 users of the website have locked out of their accounts and don’t have access to their funds. Despite months of protests, they still haven’t received any concrete response from regime authorities.

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