Iraqi President Salih: The Region Is Experiencing a Crucial Transitional Period and a Secure

While giving a keynote speech at the Middle East Peace and Security(MEPS) forum at the American University of Kurdistan in Duhok on November 16, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih said that the next phase in Iraq, is to carry out the major tasks requiring us to find the solutions to the problems and to promote good governance.

It is of great importance that the final results of the local polls should be determined legally and in a constitutional way, where there is a need to peacefully accept the results of the electoral elections, he said. A government that is able to meet Iraqi people’s demands should be formed, he added.

The long term issues between the Kurdistan Regional Government and the federal Government should be resolved through holding a genuine dialogue in Baghdad, that were in line with the Iraqi Constitution, President Salih emphasized, while saying that there is a need to resolve issues facing public sector employees in the Kurdistan region, and this meant that other ongoing financial issues also needed to be resolved.
Mr. President confirmed that the Middle East is experiencing a crucial transitional period. Whatever happens in Iraq will have a major consequence for the whole region as Iraq is the balancing point, he said.
Iraq is a middle ground for the Arabs, Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis and for the rest of Iraqi society he highlighted, and it is a point of cooperation and inclusion for all regional States and for all Arabs, Persians and Turks.

Iraq has succeeded to reach openness to cooperate with the neighbouring and regional States, the President asserted, where the States of the region held a meeting in Baghdad, and they agreed that a stable Iraq could essentially serve the interest of the whole region.

Furthermore, he noted that a secure and stable Iraq in addition to its geographical location as it is located in the geographic heart of the Middle East could be a connecting factor among the States of the region sharing the economic problems, the most prominently growing numbers of unemployed young people

The region faces common challenges where first and foremost among them are the fight against terrorist violence as well as addressing economic challenges, he underscored, the region needs to invest in infrastructure such as the construction and maintenance of roads and railways that would greatly help linking national economies of each State to the global economy.
Therefore, jobs for growing numbers of unemployed will be provided, he said.

President Sailh underlined that the climate change, environmental problems including desertification and water scarcity threatens the region as whole.

To do this, we have to cooperate regionally to shift our economy to a green economy, he added.

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