President Salih Meets Sweden’s Foreign Minister

Iraq Has Close Relations with Sweden, and There Is an Urgent Need for Int’l and Regional Cooperation to Combat Terrorism, Extremism and Corruption

On Monday, November 22, 2021, the President of the Republic of Iraq, Barham Salih met with Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde. The meeting was held at Baghdad Palace.
Iraqi- Swedish ties were discussed during the meeting, and how to promote these across all the sectors in the ways that serve the two nations’ ties.

The support provided by the Swedish government and its organizations for the Iraqi people at the humanitarian file was hailed, while its role in sustaining and backing up the efforts of Iraq in the fight against terror was also appreciated.

During the meeting, Iraqi President Salih and the Swedish FM spoke about the Iraqi community that is hosted by Sweden.

Iraq has close relations with Sweden, where these could be enhanced through bilateral agreements and memorandums of understanding, President Salih said.

Furthermore, he underscored that Iraq is looking forward to promoting its relationship with its friends in the international community so it supports joint coordination in addressing the challenges of terrorism and combating terrorism and extremism’s ideology.

We have to step up our collective efforts and work together to tackle climate change and protect the environment, Mr. President underlined.

Iraq in its foreign relations has adopted a balanced relation based on the need to calm tensions in the region and maintain security and stability there as well as enhancing economic interdependence, Mr. Salih said, therefore achieving stability in Iraq is a central element to bring about peace and stability in the region.

The Swedish Foreign Minister Ann Linde, in her turn, emphasized her country’s commitment to support security and stability in Iraq and enhance its economy through having further national reforms.

Additionally, she commended the progress made by Iraq at the national level while hailing its efforts made to calm tensions in the region.

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