Iranian Resistance Units carry out activities in support of protests in Isfahan

On Friday, the Iranian regime dispatched thousands of troops to Isfahan and set up an undeclared martial law to prevent the farmers of the province from gathering and holding protest rallies. But their voices are being heard across the country thanks to the efforts of Iranian Resistance Units.

Resistance Units, the network of the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK), carried out activities in support of the protesters in Isfahan and in condemnation of the regime’s violent suppression of their just demand.

In Mashhad, banners posted by the Resistance Units read “Isfahan is not alone” and “Iran is with Isfahan.”

In Tehran, the Resistance Units installed posters in different parts of the city that read “Isfahan is not alone. Down with the oppressor, be it the Shah or Ali Khamenei” and “The regime has stolen the water. It is time to rise.”

Similar posters were installed in many other cities, including Kerman, Yazd, Karaj, Isfahan, Rasht, and Gorgan.

For several months, the farmers of Isfahan have been protesting the regime’s destructive policies that have led to water shortages. In the past weeks, the farmers gathered in the dry basin of the Zayandeh Rud river to voice their protests. Their movement gained support from thousands of people in the province, who joined them and called on the regime to solve the farmers’ problems. On Thursday, security forces attacked the protesters, burning their tents and forcing them to disperse. On Friday, the farmers returned to the basin of Zayandeh Rud to resume their protests. The regime tried to use force to disperse their protests. The farmers resisted the regime suppressive forces and chanted anti-regime slogans. Protests continued throughout the day and night.

In their activities, the Resistance Units also commemorated the memory of Mirza Kuchak Khan, an Iranian revolutionary killed in in 1921 in the struggle for freedom in Iran. Mirza Kuchak Khan was the founder of the Nehzat-e Jangal, a revolutionary movement in the forests of Gilan that fought against dictatorship and occupation.

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