Iranian Resistance Units vow to overthrow the mullahs’ regime

As protests continue in different parts of Iran, the Resistance Units, a network of MEK activists inside Iran, pushed forward with their activities, calling for the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime.

These activities take place as the regime continues to disregard the basic needs of the Iranian people and squanders the country’s resources on its destructive and criminal policies. As floods ravage large swaths of Iran, the regime has refrained from taking preventive measures and providing aid to the disaster-stricken people. At the same time, the regime is wasting large sums on testing missiles, pursuing its nuclear program, and exporting arms and money to its terrorist proxies in the regime.

The Iranian society is on the verge of another explosion and the dissatisfaction and hatred toward the ruling mullahs is at a record high.

Meanwhile, the Resistance Units are providing a beacon of hope against the regime’s suppression and violence, keeping the flame of resistance and rebellion alive across Iran.

In different cities, the Resistance Units installed posters with messages from Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and NCRI president-elect Maryam Rajavi.

In Tehran, a poster read “The conditions are set for another democratic revolution in Iran” and another called on the people to “Rise to overthrow the regime.” Others reminded that “The mullahs’ regime is in its last phase” and “The Iranian people do not want to be under mullahs’ rule.”

Praising the ongoing protests by the young generation of Iran, one of the posters read, “Rebellious youth will determine Iran’s destiny” and another reminded that “There is no force that can confront rebellious youths and a risen nation.”

In Tehran, Mashhad, and Shiraz, the Resistance Units posted messages giving hope for regime change, reading “Down with [supreme leader Ali] Khamenei and [regime president Ebrahim] Raisi.” These are slogans that have become especially popular in popular protests, reflecting the people’s exasperation and outrage with the regime’s leader and their entire tyrannical rule.

Similar activities were documented and posted in other cities, including Hamedan, Karaj, Tabriz, Semnan, Birjand, Neyshabur, Dezful, Zanjan, and Yasuj.

Iranian officials are especially concerned about the public hatred toward regime leaders and the mullahs. Accordingly, they are worried that the public hatred toward the regime will turn into support and gravitation toward the Iranian Resistance.

In a recent meeting with regime loyalists, Ahmad Khatami, a senior regime official and member of the Guardian Council, acknowledged that the people hate the mullahs by saying, “Some are trying to separate religion and politics.”

In the same session, Khatami, whose remarks were published by the official IRNA news agency, warned the mullahs and regime loyalists to avoid any actions that would “encourage the MEK.”

In comments to the state-run Hamdeli newspaper, Mohammad Taghi Fazel Meibodi, a member of the Assembly of Teachers in Qom Seminary, said, “The people are blaming clerics for the current situation… Unfortunately, the people have a bad view toward clerics. Many student clerics who go to the market to buy goods or to go to stores try to do so without wearing clerical robes so that they are not insulted.”

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