Iranian Resistance Units: “Rebels will win victory”

In tandem with ongoing protests by teachers, workers, pensioners, and other segments of the Iranian society, Resistance Units, a network of MEK activists inside Iran, continue their activities, calling for the overthrow of the mullahs’ regime and the establishment of a democratic state.

These activities take place as the regime continues to disregard the basic needs of the Iranian people and squanders the country’s resources on its destructive and criminal policies, such as arming terrorist groups in the region and chasing nuclear weapons.

With dissatisfaction and hatred toward the ruling mullahs at an all-time high, the Iranian society is on the verge of another explosion. Meanwhile, the Resistance Units are acting as a beacon of hope for the Iranian people in their struggle against the regime’s suppression and violence, keeping the flame of resistance and rebellion alive across Iran.

In different cities, the Resistance Units installed posters with messages from Iranian Resistance leader Massoud Rajavi and NCRI president-elect Maryam Rajavi.

In Tehran, a poster with a quote from Maryam Rajavi read, “We can, and we must free our occupied nation through rebellion and uprising.”

Another poster, quoting Massoud Rajavi, read, “Regardless of the regime’s situation, the Iranian people will rise and to overthrow the regime.”

In Isfahan, Resistance Units installed banners and wrote graffiti on walls that highlighted the MEK’s dedication to freeing Iran’s people from the tyranny of the mullahs. “Rebels will win victory,” one of the banners read.

“Down with Khamenei,” read graffiti on the walls of many cities, reiterating a slogan that has become immensely popular among millions of Iranians who want to overthrow the regime.

The Resistance Units also celebrated the anniversary of tMassoud Rajavi’s freedom from Shah’s prison in 1979. Rajavi was among the final group of political prisoners who remained in prison until three weeks before the fall of the Shah’s regime.

In their activities, the Resistance Units renewed their commitment to free all political prisoners and liberate Iran from the evil clutches of the mullahs.

As the Resistance Units continue to increase their activities, regime officials are increasingly worried about the explosive state of the Iranian society and the deepening hatred toward the religious fascism ruling Iran.

These concerns are laid bare during infighting among regime officials, some of whom are suggesting that the religious structure of the regime no longer works and that the regime should shift toward a secular one, in which the mullahs do not have political power.

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